Tacacs on Ubiquiti Edge Switches

By | 07/09/2019

This is my second post on Tacacs configuration, this time it is on a Ubiquiti 24 Port Edge Switch running the latest EdgeOS firmware. I found the config a little clunky and not as familiar as the Cisco variant. This may or may not work for your Tacacs implementation so don’t blame me if you lock your self out πŸ™‚

tacacs-server host β€œ<tacacs server>”
timeout 5
key β€œ<tacacs key>”
aaa authentication login "TACACS" tacacs local
aaa authentication enable "TACACS" tacacs enable none
aaa accounting exec "TACACS" start-stop tacacs
aaa accounting commands "TACACS" start-stop tacacs
aaa authorization commands "TACACS" tacacs
aaa authorization exec "TACACS" tacacs
line console
login authentication networkList
enable authentication enableNetList
no transport input telnet
line ssh
login authentication TACACS
enable authentication TACACS
accounting exec TACACS
accounting commands TACACS
authorization commands TACACS
authorization exec TACACS

As you can see it is very Ciscoesque but i found some subtle differences between devices and firmwares that makes it a pain for a mass rollout if your are scripting the changes. Good luck!

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